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Butter Crêpe

Equally happy used in sweet or savoury recipes, rich with buttery flavour that works wonderfully teamed with just about any filling you can imagine.

  • Savoury Butter Crêpes are perfect with savoury fillings and sauce.
  • To prepare, fill, fold, stack or roll, and add sauce if required.
  • To oven cook, heat through on a medium heat for 5-30mins according to filling and number of crêpes.
  • To microwave, heat on high for 10-20secs per crêpe.
  • To shallow fry, lightly oil a hot pan, heat crêpe for 15secs while adding hot or cold fillings, then fold or roll.
  • Our butter crêpes are suitable for vegetarians.
  • Ingredients: whole milk, wheatflour, free range pasteurised whole egg, sugar, unsalted butter, sea salt.
  • Allergen information: eggs, wheat, cow's milk, gluten.

15, 22, 66


15, 20, 35

  • Butter

Butter Crêpe

Layer with shards of salty ham and slithers of smoked cheese, then bake until bubbling.