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At Crêpe Cuisine, we never cut corners and we don’t compromise our standards. It’s a simple ethos that has always served us well. From using the best ingredients to employing an expert team, we take pride in delivering quality at every stage of the process. It’s how we’ve always done things…

Through and through

Quality is a word that is often used but at Crêpe Cuisine we want it to really mean something. For us a commitment to quality lies at the heart of the business, an intrinsic element that is applied to everything we do with a belief that it’s then reflected in everything we are.

It starts with using the finest ingredients, like free range eggs and fresh milk. Our ingredients are also fully traceable, from raw material to finished product, using a Stevens traceability system – which allows batches to be electronically monitored every step of the way.

We leave nothing to chance. Our production line benefits from a dedicated team, with every product checked at multiple stages, from the moment the batter hits the hot plate to the finished packaged product – including manual checks for weight, size and quality. Counted by hand. Checked by hand. Packaged by hand. 

This reflects our team as a whole. A team that is passionate about what they do and how they do it, understanding that they’re responsible for upholding the level of quality that has made us a market leader. They bring years of experience to every component part of Crêpe Cuisine, led by Ron who still maintains a hands-on approach to running his business.