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Viva Mexico!

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Viva Mexico!

We love the bold, punchy flavours of Mexican cuisine, so we’ll definitely be tucking in to a Mexican Omelette Crêpe on 16th September to celebrate Mexican Independence Day.

Crowds will gather across Mexico to celebrate Independence Day on the 16th. The celebrations begin on the eve of 15th September, when Mexico’s green, white and red flag will be flying in squares, plazas and zocalos (town meeting places) throughout the country, from Acapulco to Zihauntanejo and Mexico City to Guadalajara. The streets will be glittering with red, white and green confetti, streamers and flowers as the nation celebrates the anniversary of its independence from Spanish rule. In the midst of the cheers, horns, whistles, parades and rodeos, at the heart of the celebrations is a scrumptious feast of Mexican food.

Chilli, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas – we love the bold, punchy flavours and fresh, tastebud-kicking ingredients of Mexican cuisine. So much so that we were inspired to create our very own Mexican Omelette Crêpe. Spiced with a hint of oregano, cumin, paprika, garlic and a smattering of chilli, our Mexican Omelette Crêpes capture the flavours of the best authentic Mexican cuisine.

Join in the fiesta

Put some spice into your September and throw a Mexican Independence Day party – it’s the perfect excuse to tuck in to some lip-smacking Mexican food. We love the Mexican Omelette Crêpe with guacamole.

Whip up a fresh guacamole

The knack to making mouth-watering guacamole every time is in choosing perfectly ripe avocados. Gently press the skin to check it’s not too squishy, not too hard; there should be just a little bit of give. Mash up a couple of avocados, add chopped red onion, fresh coriander, a dash of freshly squeezed lime juice, a pinch of seasalt, a twist of black pepper, and a handful of ripe juicy chopped tomatoes. Turn up the heat by throwing in some chopped fresh chilli. Serve up with warmed Mexican Omelette Crêpes, and get ready to fiesta. ‘Viva Mexico!’

From the bold flavours of Mexican cuisine to the warm spices of India and beyond, the Crêpe Cuisine team draws inspiration from our travels to create new recipes and flavours. Check out our full crêpe range – including the Dosa, warmly spiced with the authentic flavours of the best Indian cooking ­– for more inspiration.