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These Are Our Salad Days

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These Are Our Salad Days

National Salad Week kicks off from the 25th July, the perfect way of balancing out all the delicious ice cream and barbecues a great British summer brings with it.

But for those of you who fancy the health kick without munching on rabbit food, we’ve got the perfect alternative. Our Egg Crêpe Wrap is gluten free with virtually no carbohydrate, but still jam packed with flavour.

 So in honour of the salad, here are a few of our top fillings that taste wicked but are super virtuous. Leaving you all the more room for that ice cream…

Greek Salad

Channel the spirit of your summer holiday by dicing onion, cucumber and tomato, drizzling lightly in olive oil (or rapeseed oil for added health benefits) dropping in a few plump kalamata olives and crumbling through with feta for a crêpe the Greeks would be proud of.


Take a trip to the south of France with this classic salad inspired filling. Flakes of line caught tuna, lightly blanched green beans, a scattering of olives, tomato and finely sliced anchovy. Smother in vinaigrette or – if your timing is good – why not poach an egg, drop inside the crêpe and squish as you fold, so the yolk oozes everywhere? Delicious.


Simple but stunning, caprese combines four ingredients to perfection. Pick only the ripest tomatoes and slice thinly. Add in slices of buffalo mozzarella (if you want to be super healthy, you can pick up half fat mozzarella from most supermarkets), and generous tearings of fresh basil. Crank in salt and pepper and a swish of olive oil before folding and devouring.


From New York’s Waldorf Astoria in 1896 to kitchens worldwide today, this dish is a firm favourite amongst salad fans, famed for its full flavour and crunchy bite. Swoosh a dollop of mayonnaise onto your crêpe (again low fat versions are everywhere these days), slice celery, apple and grapes into chunky pieces, sprinkle liberally with a clutch of crushed walnuts and serve. For a contemporary twist add a few slices of tinned mandarin, it’s a real citrus kick. Trust us, it works.

Delicious and delicate, our crêpes are a simple way to create stunning starters, imaginative main courses and decadent desserts. Buttery and rich, but surprisingly low in fat, they can be adapted to match any menu. Check out our full crêpe range  for more inspiration.