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The History of the Crêpe

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The History of the Crêpe

The story of the crêpe is a culinary journey from humble beginnings to universal appreciation, from the Breton countryside to Paris restaurants, and then on to the plates of millions of people across the world.

The first crêpes were made in Brittany from buckwheat flour poured onto a large flat pebble, a galet, which was placed on a fire to cook. The savoury galette was born and remains a firm favourite today.

As the pebble turned hotplate and white flour was introduced to create the dessert crêpe, its popularity grew and grew, with new fillings being tried, tested and passed on from one region and one generation to the next.

Once offered by French farmers to their landowners as a sign of allegiance, the crêpe found its way into the fine restaurants of Paris and the south of France. But more importantly the crêpe had also found its way into the heart of the people, who have encouraged its growth, championed its ability as the most versatile of dishes and awarded it with its very own day of celebration – 2nd February, National Crêpe Day.

In many ways the growth of Crêpe Cuisine mirrors the growth of the product that lies at the heart of our success. From the early days making pancakes at fairs and festivals with a simple hotplate, to purchasing our first Breton crêpe-making machine, to our continuing growth and investment, we’ve progressed thanks to our belief in quality and innovation. And we’re entering our fourth decade more productive than ever.

Throughout history the crêpe has been regarded as a crafted product made with care, whether on a pebble in a fire, a hot plate at a country fair or a bespoke machine in a factory in Cornwall. It’s a tradition that we make sure we continue – quality ingredients combined with an attention to detail.

Innovation has driven the crêpe’s enduring popularity, as one country after the next created its own version inspired by the French original – the Italian crespelle, the Jewish blintzes, the Greek krep. We travel to food fairs around the world finding inspiration to create our own new products, like our Indian dosa and our tomato and basil blinis. We like to think that we’re continuing the tradition of innovation, and in doing so honoring the humble, but truly great, crêpe.

Become a part of the story of the crêpe. At Crêpe Cuisine we believe in quality, creativity and innovation, and we’re committed to helping our customers reach their goals. Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.