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More Bang for Your Blini

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More Bang for Your Blini

The ultimate party food, blinis were traditionally eaten in Russia as symbols of the sun, personified by the ancient and powerful god Volos. Why not celebrate the sunshine yourself this May, by laying on a blini banquet?

The spring bank holidays are all about spending time with family and friends, to eat drink and enjoy the sunshine, so what better snack for your get together than the sun-shaped blini? Here are our top five tips for the very best blini toppings…

Canapé classic blini

Slather with sour cream, and top with plump strips of smoked salmon and a squeeze of lemon for a sophisticated canapé classic. Serve with chilled champagne for a touch of pizzaz.

Bling bling blini

Bring a splash of bling to the table by adding a dollop of purple taramasalata crowned with shiny black beads of caviar. For extra kudos, serve with ice-cold vodka.

Green meanie blini

Crush peas and mint together and top with a cube of crumbly, creamy feta for a spring-fresh vegetarian treat. For ultimate zing, serve with fresh carrot, apple and ginger juice.

Beefed up blini

Layer with wafer-thin slices of succulent pink roast beef and a spoonful of homemade horseradish for a lip-smacking beefed-up snack. Serve with a robust glass of red for added bite.

Sweet dreamy blini

Spread with melted dark chocolate and pop fresh juicy raspberries on top for a sublime sweet-toothed treat. Serve with strawberries in glasses of fizz to complete the fruity flavour combo.

At Crêpe Cuisine we're committed to creativity, innovation and quality and we're passionate about developing new recipes. Why not take a look at our full range of blinis  for more inspiration?