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Love Pancakes

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Love Pancakes

Food is the language of love, so with Pancake Day and Valentine’s celebrations falling in a blissful union this year, a mere day apart, we’re full of recipe ideas to combine the pleasure of pancake eating with the chemical reactions of love. 

We all know about the arousing effects of chocolate and caviar, but this year we’re encouraging you to experiment with different ingredients to get those passions flying with our Pancake Day meets Valentine’s Day recipes. 

Asparagus and pancetta crêpes

Follow the lead of lovers gone by with the stimulating effects of asparagus. In early 19th century France, bridegrooms devoured handfuls of folic-acid-filled vegetables in a bid to increase their libido. Try it for yourself by searing a couple of tender asparagus spears in a pan with pancetta before rolling into a moreish crêpe. 

Banana, honey and almond pancakes

For a feel-good vitality boost, combine three natural energy-enhancing ingredients. Bananas are famous for their ability to maintain blood sugar levels, almonds have long been admired as a symbol of fertility, whilst honey is a natural invigorator. Mash up some banana with vitamin-E-rich almond flakes and a drizzle of runny honey to make the perfect pancake topping. 

Avocado and chilli blinis

For a touch of the risqué, no other fruit can rival the avocado. Once banned in some Spanish towns by strict Catholic priests because of its raunchy shape, the avocado cannot fail to ignite your fire – especially when combined with stimulating chilli and circulation-boosting basil. Slather this potent puree liberally on top of blinis. 

Oyster and wasabi pancakes

And finally the oyster, the bona fide Casanova of the food world. If knocking them back raw fails to tickle your fancy, try grilling your oysters with a touch a wasabi mayonnaise before popping them onto your pancake. An aphrodisiac with a touch of the exotic. 

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