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Full-up Fathers

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Full-up Fathers

This year, Father’s day falls on 16th June, so make sure your dad knows just how special he is, by surprising him with piled-high pancakes in bed. Slathered with avocado or dripping with maple syrup, we've compiled some delicious pancake topping recipes so you can show your old man how much you care. Just make sure he doesn't get any on the sheets.

Dad's guac topper

For the daring dad that can stand the heat, why not mash together some ripe avocado with a spoonful of crème fraiche, a sprinkling of chilli flakes and a liberal splash of Tabasco? Crisp up some streaky bacon and balance on top for a celebration crêpe with a kick.

Banana man

A hero’s breakfast for a deserving dad. Stack up some American pancakes, whisk up some double cream with a hefty hit of vanilla pod seeds, and, in a separate bowl, mash some ripe bananas with a spoonful of runny honey. Slather the banana on top of the pancake stack, spoon on the cream and let your dad dig in.

Fun 'guy'

For a pancake filling with a difference, why not fry up some mushrooms in a knob of butter with some crushed garlic? Spread this over an English pancake, crumble over some punchy blue cheese and pop under the grill for a minute or so. When it's melted, roll it up and let your dad do the rest.

All out breakfast

For the traditional chap with an experimental edge, why not whip up a full English with a twist? Sizzle up some sausages, scramble some eggs, grill a tomato or two, crisp some bacon and, if you're feeling bold, add a slice of black pudding. Heat up some buttermilk pancakes, layer your ingredients on top and lavish with maple syrup. There you have it, a full English with a touch of American.

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