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Once upon a time, the humble pancake stole its way into the hearts – and stomachs – of the people. Today, it is once again being hailed as the as the must-have food-on-the-go. We’re excited to be launching our new two-pancake pack in September. Come and catch one, if you can…

As pancake fanatics we were fascinated to discover that these batter-based goodies were considered to be so tasty they earned a place in folklore around the globe. From ‘The Wee Bannock’ in Scotland, ‘The Wonderful Cake’ in Ireland, ‘The Pancake’ in Norway and ‘The Little Cakeen’ in the USA, to ‘The Runaway Pancake’ in Germany, the humble pancake appears in folktales from around the world as the tasty snack that (nearly) got away.

The one that – almost – got away…

We like this version of the tale from Norway, which gives a whole new meaning to ‘food-on-the-go’.

One day a couple of old women were cooking pancakes. As the beautiful, thick pancake was sizzling in the pan, each decided she wanted it all for herself. When the pancake heard them squabbling, he grew legs, jumped out of the pan and ran away.

On the run, the pancake met a succession of animals, all intent on eating him up – and who can blame them, for he truly was a tasty morsel.

Foxy Loxy asked, ‘Pancake, pancake, where are you going?’

‘I ran away from two old women, and I’ll run away from you too,’ he replied, and legged it, pronto.

He ran away from Foxy Loxy, Henny Penny, Goosey Poosey and Ducky Lucky. Finally he got to a stream. Along came Piggy Wiggy who offered to ferry the pancake across the water on his snout. Oh dear. The plucky little pancake fell for Piggy Wiggy’s trick and Piggy Wiggy gobbled him up in one big delicious gulp before he could get any further.

The moral of the story? Once you’ve got a delicious pancake in your hands, don’t let it out of your sight. Be sure to eat it up quickly, before someone else snaffles it up.

From once upon a time, to happily ever after…

Long used as a popular portable victual for travellers, pancakes are just as in demand today as they were back then.

Which is why we’ve come up with the new two-pancake pack, so now you can enjoy a doubly satisfying snack on the go.

Can’t wait to get your get your hands on one? Come and visit us at lunch! the contemporary food to go show at Islington Design Centre, on 26 – 27th September, 2013. We’ll be at stand M530 with Central Foods. Come and say hello, and catch one of our new two-pancake packs, if you can.