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Festival Food – Get Your Funkaso On!

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Festival Food – Get Your Funkaso On!

Crêpe Cuisine’s roots sit firmly in festival soil. Back in the day, Ron sold pancakes under canvas from Penzance to Glastonbury – and beyond – so we know a thing or two about the art of cooking outdoors for hungry punters. With this in mind, we’re celebrating the start of festival season by charting the humble pancake’s heady history as the perfect street food and festival food. Tuck in…

The cracking of eggs, whisking of batter and sizzle of fat on the hotplate will be heard on street corners and at festivals around the world this summer. Pancakes have long been the ideal street food and festival food. All vendors need are a few basic ingredients, a small fire and a frying pan et voilå – they can turn out hot, delicious pancakes to order for hungry passers-by.

Simple, cheap and cheerful, the humble pancake in its various forms has found its way into the hands of lumberjacks, miners, farmers, festival-goers and revellers in every corner of the globe. Folded or rolled, sweet or savoury, they provide vital sustenance for the man and woman on the street – and in the field – from Glastonbury to Guatemala.

On the streets of West Africa Funkaso is the snack of choice for those on the move. Made simply from millet flour and water, the mix is fermented for several hours to give it a lighter texture. In Sri Lanka, it’s egg hoppers, in Indonesia it’s dadar gulung, and on the streets of Bangkok they go mad for pak moh.  A cross between a dumpling and a pancake, these little Thai snacks pack quite a punch. Filled with pork, shrimp, bean sprouts, coconut and veg, they’re an irresistible combination of sweet and sour, soft and crunchy, savoury and spicy – everything you want in a street food snack.

The ability to pack all the elements of a sit-down meal into a handy, portable snack is one reason why pancakes – and their French cousins crêpes – are so popular with festival-goers. At Glastonbury this summer, revellers and rock stars will be queuing up to wrap their hands around a crêpe. We know, because we’ve been there.

Crêpe Cuisine started out in the 1970s and ‘80s, with Ron spending summer weekends travelling around fairs and festivals cooking his wares. His old pancake stall sign (made from a wooden bedstead) could be seen at events from Helston Flora Day, The Fool's Parade (Penzance) and The Elephant Fayre, to Barsham Faire (East Anglia) and Glastonbury Festival.

Little did he know that out of the mud of Glastonbury, would rise a company supplying pancakes and crêpes to the UK’s top supermarkets – or that pancakes would catch on as the perfect festival food. So, this summer, when you’re queuing for your festival crêpe or pancake, spare a thought for Ron and his old bedstead selling pancakes under canvas.

From festivals to supermarket shelves, at Crêpe Cuisine we make it our business to know every inch of the pancake trade. If you’re looking to develop or stock a new product, get in touch, we love to talk pancakes.