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Creepy Crêpes

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Creepy Crêpes

Ghoulish, gruesome and oh so spooky. With Halloween creeping silently upon us, we’ve pulled together some of our spookiest crêpe recipes to send shivers down your spines. From pumpkin packed pancakes, to crêpes clad in cobwebs, your Halloween party or eerie evening is sure to have your taste buds screaming for more.

Cobweb Crêpe

From the darkest crypt corners to your petrifying party, get twisting with this caramelised cobweb crêpe recipe. Bring 250g of sugar and 250ml of water to a simmer, then testing with a sugar thermometer. Wait until your spidery syrup reaches 155°C. At this point plunge the pan into cold water, and with a fork create creepy strands onto greaseproof paper. Bunch them into ghoulish cobwebs and pop them on your crêpe. To top them off add some creepy crawlies, snipping black liquorice strands into spidery shapes, or some squirming jelly worms.

Dracular Spectacular

For a truly Transylvanian inspired party idea, get gruesome with your very own oozing berry blood syrup, delicious enough to lure vampires from far and wide. Tumble a healthy handful of red berries into a deep pan with some sugar and water and bubble away until it’s thick and gooey. Drizzle this over your crêpe, and add some pitch-black chocolate shavings to really take your dessert to the dark side. And not a clove of garlic in sight.

Tempting Toffee Apple

Get heads bobbing with delight as you serve up some mouth-watering toffee apple tastiness. Simply caramelise some brown sugar with butter, add your chopped up apples, stew away for a couple of minutes, then slather over your crêpe. Finish it all off with a huge dollop of cream, before you wrap them up and get guzzling. The perfect kids party crêpe recipe.

Smashing Pumpkin

Pumpkins aren’t just for lighting up windows. This year, buy an extra one, cut it into pieces, pop it in boiling water until it’s soft and give it a good mashing. In a separate bowl, add half a cup of milk, a cup of cream and a vanilla pod. Bubble away for a couple of minutes and whisk in the pumpkin pulp, half a cup of brown sugar, a pinch of salt, cinnamon and nutmeg until it’s smooth. Then one at a time, add two eggs, whisking constantly. Reduce this down until you have a sweet, tasty pumpkin paste ready to slather onto your pancake stack. Have some cinnamon sugar to dust and some Chantilly cream to bring a pumpkin punch to your Halloween party.

Scarily simple, tantilisingly terrifying or just plain tasty, crêpes and pancakes are the perfect centre piece for any get together. Want to see how you can bring your event to life with flavour? Why not check out some of our blini party recipes.