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Fierce, Feisty and Full On Flavours

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Fierce, Feisty and Full On Flavours

Brace your taste buds, steady your nostrils and prepare your dinner guests, because 8th November celebrates Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day. It’s a day to whip up a whirlwind of punch-packing flavours and embrace some of the world’s most eye-popping ingredients; all wrapped up in a pancake.

From pongy cheeses to fruit so smelly it’s been banned from public places, we’ve dreamt up five bold and pungent flavour challenges for you to toy with. Just make sure you open a window and have some breath mints to hand.

Whiffy Wonder

Opening the fridge door to a wedge of Stinking Bishop is sure to knock you back a foot or two. Stinking by name, stinking by nature, this notoriously noxious cheese is what Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day was made for. A slathering of this powerfully pungent cheese in your crêpe, alongside a sprinkle of flat-leafed parsley is sure to leave an impression on your palate, and an awesomely cheesy stench in the air.

Forbidden Fruit

Old socks, road kill and teenage boys’ bedroom; not usually the kind of scents we like to associate with our food. Asia’s King of Fruits, the durian, is possibly the world’s most smelliest fruit. It gives off a scent so strong that it’s been banned on buses and public places in some parts of South East Asia. Spiked like a hedgehog, encasing a yellow, slimy pulp, this unusual and infamous fruit comes in many different varieties. The full-bodied creamy and sweet tasting flesh of the Mon Thong is the most popular. Ease yourself in gently to the durian, as too much too soon could put yourself off the fruit (and ruin your appetite) for life. We suggest buying durian ice cream, available from most Asian supermarkets, and smothering your pancake in its full-on flavour, without the off-putting odour. 

Garlic Galore

Forget about close contact; after you’ve indulged in this garishly garlic-stuffed pancake you’ll be giving off some seriously hefty scents. Simply place some whole garlic bulbs on a roasting tray, coat them with a couple of glugs of olive oil, some sea salt and roast. Once the bulbs have softened and caramelised (which will take around 50 minutes), all you need to do is break them open and spread them across your pancake or crêpe. Sprinkle some salty tasting parmesan to compliment the sweet tasting garlic and pile some fresh rocket on top for a flavoursome finish.

Fizzing with Flavour

For a palate-pummelling mouthful of something truly different, Korean Kimchi is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. An effervescent fermented cabbage, made from a heady concoction of chilies, shrimp paste, vinegar, cabbage and sugar, creates a moreishly sour sweetness. Kimchi goes perfectly with most meats. We suggest teaming it with some slow-cooked pulled pork, and rolling it up in a crêpe with some creamy coleslaw for a mouthful to make an impact.

Dicing with Spice

Nothing gets taste buds tingling quite as much as the spicy stealth of the humble chili. Step away from milder varieties though, because Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day requires a fiercer flavour. Look for bird eye chilies; scotch bonnets and the aromatic flavours of the habanero. Whip up a quick sauce with juicy tomatoes, smoked paprika spice, onions and, of course, a little (or a lot) of your desired chili. Leave this to bubble away for as long as you can. Spread on your pancakes, top with cheese and pop under the grill for a scorchingly spicy challenge. Have some lemon juice and yoghurt close by to extinguish any chili induced burning.

At Crêpe Cuisine, we’re always finding new flavour combinations and experimenting with ingredients to make sure our pancakes, crêpes and blinis are always a step ahead. Check out the Dosa crêpe, ideal for packing with spicy Indian flavours or our gluten free egg crêpes for something that little bit different.