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Cheese It!

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Cheese It!

This week we’re putting British Cheese on a pedestal and throwing a salute its way. Why? Because it’s British Cheese Week of course – a once-a-year chance to pay homage to one of our favourite and voraciously versatile ingredients, by conjuring up some delicious cheese crêpe recipes. 

When it comes to crêpes, there’s nothing that manages to get tummies rumbling more than the addition of a tasty bit of British cheese. Sprinkle it on, wrap it up, melt it down and savour. Yum.

We believe that cheese is a crêpe’s natural alliance, and with British Cheese Week rolling around on 7–15th September, there’s never been a better time to start working your way through the 700 different varieties that Britain has under its belt.

So stock up on crêpes, fly your flags and champion some cheesy British crêpe-ness with four of our tried and tested cheese crêpe recipes.

Classic champ: cheese and ham crêpe

A classic crêpe combination, the cheese and ham crêpe is always a winner. Cook up your crêpe and add some delicious smoked ham, sprinkle a strong flavoursome cheddar on top and let it melt. We recommend a tangy Cornish number, such as Worthy Cheddar. Tuck into your crêpe whilst the gooey cheese is still hot and stringy, for a quick and tasty cheesy treat.

Punchy and potent: blue cheese and bacon crêpe

For a crêpe that packs a punch, why not choose one of the many powerfully pungent British blue cheeses we have at our fingertips. Crêpe Cuisine favourites include Stichelton, Colston Bassett and Dorset Blue Vinney. To take your crêpe to the next level, we recommend adding a couple of rashers of crispy smoked streaky bacon, to really set off a flavour explosion. Not for the faint hearted.

Summer snacking: cheese and asparagus crêpe

For a taste of summer all rolled up, why not chargrill some fresh asparagus spears, layer them on top of your crêpe, add a curl of salted butter and let it melt. Grate up and layer on some hard cheese with a nutty edge – we suggest a full-flavoured Lincolnshire Poacher – for a rounded, fresh and full-up summer snack.

Sweet something: sweet fig, goats cheese and honey crêpe

For a fancy fusion of sweet and savoury, slice up some ripe and ready figs, scatter them inside your crêpe, drizzle over some honey and then add some mild and creamy goats cheese. We love the mild flavour of Devon’s Vulscombe cheese or the melted goodness of Somerset’s White Lake. For some extra texture, why not add a handful of toasted walnuts to really top it all off?

So crank up your grills, fire up your frying pans and get cheesy for British Cheese Week. Whether it’s a special occasion or just dinner with a difference, here at Crêpe Cuisine we’re always dreaming up fun flavoursome ways to enjoy our buttery crêpes. Take a look at our full range of crêpes for tasty ways to whet your appetite.