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Celebrating 30 Years

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Celebrating 30 Years

Crêpe Cuisine has turned 30. We’re proud to be entering our fourth decade as one of the nation’s leading suppliers of pancakes, crêpes and blinis. We look back at how we got here and remember some of the milestones along the way.

In 1982, Ron Inglis visited a food fair in Brittany, birthplace of the crêpe. He came home with his first crêpe-making machine – and Crêpe Cuisine was officially born. But the real story begins before that, in Cornwall in the ‘70s.

The early years

Picture the scene: it’s the 1970s, a playgroup in the Cornish village of Praze-an-Beeble. Between the bric-a-brac stall and the tombola, Ron stands at a table. It’s empty, save for a hole burnt in the middle of it. 

This was the unlikely start of a venture that was to grow into a UK market leader. Ron’s debut pancake-selling gig was a sellout, but as he fixed the hole – left by the over-worked sizzling hotplate – little did he know what the future held in store.


Ron’s pancake stall, with its iconic sign made from an old wooden bedstead, had become a regular fixture at festivals from Penzance to Glastonbury. After the purchase of the first crêpe-making machine in Brittany, Ron used a grant to set up the premises at Long Rock in Cornwall, where we’re still based today. 


We expanded from one factory to two and teamed up with nationally-recognised household names in the foodservice sector. Our commitment to quality was recognised when we earned a mention from legendary food critic Egon Ronay. By the late 1990s, Crêpe Cuisine had grown to a dozen employees. 

2000 and beyond

It was time to branch out and diversify. Research and hard work paid off and we launched major ranges for two of the country’s leading retailers. With only two little packing machines and a huge demand for Christmas, the pressure was on, but we were equal to the challenge. 

Since then, we've just kept on growing. Big investment in 2012 enabled us to double our production capacity, so – thankfully – we're entering our fourth decade with a lot more to our name than one scorched table.

Some things, however, have remained the same. Ron's original crêpe-making machine was refurbished last year and, like us, it’s still going strong today.  

At Crêpe Cuisine we believe in investing in quality, creativity and innovation. Why not get in touch to discuss what we can do for you?