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We started out selling pancakes at festivals. Now, we're proud to be UK market leaders, providing the finest pancakes, crêpes and blinis to many of the country's leading manufacturers, supermarkets and caterers. How did a small, fun-loving festival set-up become a UK market leader? Our story began in the 1970s, in the hills of west Cornwall, with a glut of homemade jams and pickles...

About photo 1
Then: It all started out with Ron selling pancakes under canvas
About photo 1
Now: We've stayed true to our Cornish roots and we're proud to be UK market leaders

Humble beginnings

Ron Inglis was living at Black Rock, Cornwall. He and his friends were living off the land, growing organic veg and fruit. It was Ron's idea to use pancakes as a way of making the most of all this delicious homemade produce, inspired by the crêpes he'd enjoyed in Brittany.

His pancakes made their public debut at the local Praze-An-Beeble playgroup, where they were an instant hit (despite burning a hole in the table!). Ron went on to spend the summer weekends travelling around fairs and festivals – throughout the 1970s and 80s, his old pancake stall sign (made out of a wooden bedhead) could be seen at events from Helston Flora Day, The Fool's Parade (Penzance) and The Elephant Fayre, to Barsham Faire (East Anglia) and Glastonbury Festival.

Stepping up

What had begun as a side project grew organically into a business. Ron returned to Brittany in 1982, intending to buy a small, basic crêpe-making machine. He ended up coming home with a much larger machine – and crêpe production began. Crêpe Cuisine set up premises at Long Rock, near Penzance in Cornwall and began supplying frozen crêpes to local restaurants.

The 1990s saw us learning about distribution, diversifying our product range starting to work with national household names and continually investing in our production facilities to keep up with demand. 

We’ve certainly grown a lot over the past three decades. But our commitment to quality creativity and innovation have remained at the heart of what we do. We’re as passionate now about providing our customers with the very best range of products – and giving them the friendly, efficient service that they’ve come to expect – as we were about growing tasty fruit and veg in our gardens back in the 1970s.

We pride ourselves on helping our customers achieve their goals – whether that’s launching new products or responding to the food industry’s latest challenges. Why not get in touch to discuss how we can help you?