• Crêpes

    Products - Crêpes

    Wrapped up with flavour

    Delicious and delicate, our crêpes are a simple way to create stunning starters, imaginative main courses and decadent desserts. Buttery and rich, but surprisingly low in fat, they can be adapted to match any menu. We love creating new shapes and flavours.

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  • Blinis

    Products - Blinis

    Topped with temptation

    From bite-sized to several spoonfuls – no matter what kind of blini you choose, there’s flavour packed into every scrumptious inch. They're well known as the must-have canapé ingredient, but we understand just how much more the blini is capable of.

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  • Pancakes

    Products - Pancakes

    Stacked with possibilities

    Filled or folded, layered or rolled, our pancakes are the perfect place to start to make a dish that everyone will want to dive into. From the classic British-style to the fluffy American version, we can create almost anything with our top quality ingredients and passion for pancakes.

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